Course on Advanced Breast Cancer

We are honored to invite you to attend this important medical event dedicated to mastology. The subjects and the renowned lecturers will definitely add value to your knowledge in this domain.

Beside the scientific and practical relevance you will have the opportunity to discover some Romanian amazing places and customs. The Course will take place in Bucharest, Romania between 10-13 of September 2014, as part of the Inter-Universixty Diploma of Montpelier I.

This scientific event is organized with the support of Romanian Academy for Medical Science.

Course president,
Prof. Dr. Vlad TICA

Comitet Științific Manosmed România
Prof. Dr. Corin BADIU
Prof. Dr. Alexandru BLIDARU
Prof. Dr. Decebal HUDIȚĂ
Prof. Dr. Gheorge PELTECU
Prof. Dr. Cătălina POIANĂ
Prof. Dr. Vlad TICA (Președinte Comitet de Organizare)
Dr. Cristian BORDEA
Dr. Iuliana CEAUȘU (Consilier Științific)
Dr. Dan Corneliu JINGA
Dr. Dragos Median
Dr. Ioan STOIAN (Consilier Stiințific)
Dr. Teodora VLĂDESCU
Dr. Ștefan VOICULESCU (Responsabil Evaluare)

Prof. M. Castiglione / Elveția
Prof. I. C. Chiricuță / România
Prof. C. Chraibi / Maroc
Prof. J.P. Daures / Franța
Prof. N. Geachan / Liban
Prof. B. Gullouglu / Turcia
Prof. A.Jalil / Maroc
Prof. O.Omar / Egipt
Prof. Patsalides / Cipru
Prof. Y. Tamer / Egipt
Prof. S. Zervoudis / Grecia